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You may have heard of guaranteed rents before and wondered if they are for you. With Hatters’s Guaranteed Rent it’s a clear-cut choice.

Do you want the responsibility of managing the property yourself, dealing with day to day repairs and taking the financial risk of tenants leaving or simply not paying?

Or would you prefer to hand over a relatively small proportion of your theoretical annual earnings to transfer the management and financial risk involved in your property to the professionals at Hatters?

A simple contract

If you decide you want the ease and security of a Guaranteed Rent we’ll draw up a contract with you which effectively makes Hatters Property Services your tenant. We then sub-let the property, making sure we find people we trust – not least because we are now taking financial responsibility for the non-payment of rent.

Know where you stand

We agree a length of time with you for the contract – between one and three years. We also commit to a date on which we start paying rent once the contract is signed. The amount of the rent is fixed and paid into your bank account each month. It’s that simple.

Less work, more income?

Landlords quite often find that they are financially better off at the end of the year with a Guaranteed Rent than if they’d found their own tenants. Obviously we can’t pay quite as much as you could ask an ordinary occupant, but remember you’ll be avoiding a lot of potential expenses such as rent arrears, void periods, basic maintenance, advertising, set-up fees and so on.

At Hatters we help you make more of your property. Whether you’re a Landlord, a Home Seller or Commercial client, our services bring together the best modern ideas – like Guaranteed Rents and Online Sales – with traditional personal service and a high street presence. The best of both worlds!