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Are there any set up costs?

No. With a Hatters Guaranteed Rent you’ll never have to pay set-up fees, commissions or VAT.

Wouldn’t I make more money doing it myself?

Of course you might do (we obviously can’t pay you the same rent as an ordinary tenant). On the other hand there are a whole range of costs you won’t incur with a Guaranteed Rent and we’ll look after your property professionally. When everything is taken into account you may find a Guaranteed Rent is more lucrative in the long term and certainly a lot less hassle.

What happens if a tenant leaves or stops paying rent?

You won’t notice any difference because your monthly rental payments will continue. We take all the responsibility and financial risk of empty properties and bad tenants.

Would I do better with Rent Protection Insurance?

A Rent Protection Policy usually comes with a lot of small print which can include excess charges, for example, if tenants stop paying or you can’t find a tenant to move in. With a Guaranteed Rent you get exactly what it says on the tin: a fixed payment every month come rain or shine.

What length will my contract be?

Our contracts normally run for at least 12 months and a maximum of 5 years, but we take a flexible approach depending on your needs. Contracts can usually be renewed very easily when you want.

How can I be sure my property is in safe hands?

Our key personnel and partners have years of experience in managing and letting properties on behalf of clients. We bring all these professional skills to our Guaranteed Rent service.

What kind of maintenance do you do?

Through our trusted tradesmen, we organise the basic repairs that commonly crop up in any property. Our aim is to return the property to you in the equivalent internal condition as you handed it over. The cost of more major maintenance or structural repairs will be the responsibility of the landlord.

How do I know a Guaranteed Rent is right for me?

If you’re the kind of landlord who sees the sense of employing professionals to handle the most difficult aspects of letting property whilst still earning a good income that never fluctuates, then a Guaranteed Rent could be the perfect answer.

I’m interested. What next?

Please give us a call on 01582 733116 or fill in our Free Assessment Form. We treat every client and their rental property individually and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

At Hatters we help you make more of your property. Whether you’re a Landlord, a Home Seller or Commercial client, our services bring together the best modern ideas – like Guaranteed Rents and Online Sales – with traditional personal service and a high street presence. The best of both worlds!